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    Al Ameera Foodstuff Industries LLC - Profile

    We’ve been proudly serving the region with our range of premium products since 2006. Our factory is the UAE’s largest manufacturer of Tahina and Halawa and has gained an enviable reputation across the Gulf region (GCC). We come from a background of excellence in real estate, having developed multiple landmarks in Sharjah. As a result, we are known as a top performer in the industry for both quality and architecture.

    We strive for excellence in everything we do and offer. With that in mind, we ventured into the food industry committed to producing high-quality products that truly stand out in the market. Motivated by our passion for innovation and in line with our company vision, we take pride in making delicious quality food at competitive prices. Our products are available to buy in small quantities or in bulk and we continue to expand our operations while growing the existing range.


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